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Express train
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Definition of high speed railway

Internationally, according to the speed of the railway line allowed to operate, the following divisions are made.

Ordinary railway 100~160km/h

Fast railway 160~200km/h

High-speed railway >200km/h (renovation of existing lines)

>250km/h (new line)

Basic features of high speed lines

High smoothness

High stability

High precision, small residual, less maintenance

Large, lone line space

High standard of environmental protection

Straight, large curve radius

Wide line spacing and large tunnel cross-sectional area

Basic requirements for EMU bogies

Ensure operational stability at high speeds

Good curve pass performance

Seating comfort



Good braking performance

Good maintenance and repair performance

Main technical features of EMU bogie

Lightweight is the main technical feature of high-speed EMU bogies.

Generally no bolster bogie (three no bogies);

High speed stability and curve pass performance;

Lightweight structure;

Brake with a wheel or shaft;

Miniaturization of traction motors;

Reduces running noise and improves wheel-rail adhesion with tread cleaning device and electronic anti-skid device


Radial bogie

Definition: When the vehicle passes the curve, all the wheels have a bogie that has the ability to curve the radial position, called the radial bogie.

Classification: According to the guiding principle, it can be divided into two types: self-guided radial bogie and forced-guided radial bogie.

Advantages: It is convenient for the vehicle to pass the curve, reduce wheel and rail wear, noise and environmental pollution, and improve safety.

Uses: For lines with many curves and small curve radius.

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