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Customer service manager

  • Work experience: 5

  • Nature of work: full time

  • Minimum education: undergraduate

  • Position salary: Negotiable

  • Number of recruits: 1

  • Working location: Shanghai

description of job

  • 1. Responsible for the main objectives and plans for sales administrative support and customer service management, formulating, participating in or assisting the implementation of relevant policies and systems;
    2. Formulating customer order contract management and customer service specifications and systems;
    3. Designing and optimizing customer sales Pre-order, dunning, after-sales service various processes, can establish and improve the company's customer service system;
    4, properly handle service failures and customer complaints, control consumer satisfaction tracking and analysis;
    5, optimize customer service in all aspects Quality and help sales for market data analysis.

    1, bachelor degree or above, marketing, public relations and other related majors;
    2, 5 years of business management and customer service management experience, proficient in customer service system management process and ERP system management;
    3, high responsibility Heart and customer service awareness, strong affinity, patience;
    4, strong organization, planning, control, coordination and interpersonal skills, resilience;
    5, good coordination and communication skills, strong sense of teamwork.