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Shanghai Fuwo De Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Ruineng Machinery Co., Ltd., a Hong Kong Rui Neng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a group company integrating trade, production, maintenance, service and technical transformation, providing leading manufacturers in the world. Products and services, headquartered in Hong Kong, have many years of experience in the industry and experience in many branches around the world. Whether it is product support or equipment maintenance, it has won praises from the industry for its "selling high-quality products, excellent service and timely supply capacity".

Shanghai Fuwo De Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an import and export company mainly engaged in the supply of engineering machinery, hydraulic equipment and spare parts. The registered capital is RMB 5 million and the registered place is Shanghai. There are 35 employees, including 1 doctor and 2 masters, and the rest are undergraduate. The company's business is mainly concentrated in the machine tool manufacturing, mining, railway, electric power, petroleum, machinery manufacturing and other industries and fields, and has established offices in Beijing, Xi'an, Jinan, Zhangzhou, Taiyuan, Deyang and Changsha.

The company is a domestic authorized dealer of TIMKEN, American RBC, American GARLOCK, American TJB, Korea Rijin Bearing and Spain 'Antec' brake. The company's main customers include China Railway First Bureau, China Railway 16th Bureau, China Railway 18th Bureau, China Railway Tunnel Group, Jinan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Jinan Machine Tool No.1, Taigang, Henggang, Ningxia Machine Tool Plant, Baoji Qinchuan Plant, Xi'an Coal Machine, Antaibao Open-pit Coal Mine, Anjialing Mine, Beijing Power Equipment Factory, Yangcheng Power Plant , Yongji Electric, Shenhua Coal Mine, Luoyang Nonferrous Metal, Jinyang Electromechanical, etc.

The company has always been adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of 'service-oriented, value first, reputation first', and constantly strives to provide customers with better products and higher standards of service. As the scope and scale of business expands, we follow The advantages of the win-win model are also constantly reflected. As the volume of business and the number of customers continue to grow, our service quality and customer satisfaction are also constantly improving.

Company size: registered capital of 5 million office area of 350 square meters

Warehouse area: 2 non-bonded warehouses Shanghai: 700 square meters Taiyuan: 300 square meters

Bonded warehouse: 500 square meters

Leading product: American TIMKEN bearing

American RBC bearing

Korea Rijin Bearing

American GARLOCK seal

American TJB connector

PARKER sealing and hydraulic products