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mining machine
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Is your mine operations at the peak of efficiency?

At RBC, we have realized how important big mine cars are to the mining industry. They significantly increase productivity and increase turnover, and the ****** is a significant increase in profits. Being able to keep running continuously is the key to this industry, and RBC's enhanced spherical plain bearing (SPB) solution is just right to solve your worries.

As a leader in the SPB innovation and design industry, RBC has the ability to replace your bearings, just like original equipment manufacturing, and provide product upgrades to improve the life of your bearings.

Using inferior bearings can cause your mine to shut down. Make the right choice and specify the RBC bearing. We can help you determine the bearings in your application – our sample bearings can be graded in quality and performance, such as QuadLube, ImpactTuff?, and with seals. SpreadLock? etc.

Do you often encounter the following questions:

1. Lubrication problems, premature wear and short life?

Please upgrade to RBC's patented spherical plain bearing QuadLube?! Our QuadLube? can transfer more lubrication to the load zone in the lubrication system, so that lubrication is sufficient, metal-to-metal friction is reduced, and the life is improved by 2-3 times.

Adding a seal to the bearing also prevents acrobatics from entering the bearing load zone and reducing wear.

2, abrasive wear, hard particle pollution, early bearing failure?

Upgrade to RBC with Sealed SealLock?! This sealed SpreadLockTM provides a unique double lip seal that prevents external contaminants and impurities from entering the bearing, keeping the inside of the bearing clean and prolonging bearing life.

If your application uses a standard seal and the strength is still not enough, you can consult RBC with a sealed SpreadLock? bearing.

3, high impact load, shell wear, bearing cracks?

Please upgrade RBC's patented ImpactTuff?! ImpactTuff? bearing technology has been proven to withstand the click and force of rock and steep terrain changes. These durable spherical plain bearings feature carburizing technology and are super-hard, but the core is soft. This feature effectively absorbs impact and prevents bearing cracking.

If early bearing cracking causes you to slow down your production, you can consider contacting RBC to learn about ImpactTuff? bearings.

4, corrosion resistance, friction, you went the wrong way?

Please upgrade to RBC hard chrome plated bearings. Working in harsh environments may cause wear on the surface of the bearing, especially spherical sliding bearing balls. Corrosion can significantly increase the wear rate of your bearings, causing premature failure. RBC's thin chrome-plated corrosion protection bearings provide longer bearing life.

5, RBC bearings to meet your needs!

New design, foreign equipment, hard to find parts? RBC solution for you! RBC will work with you to create special spherical plain bearings to meet your specific requirements. Please provide RBC drawings or details and we will provide you with a solution.

In addition, RBC also provides a lot of original equipment model conversion, this can help you find what you want, please contact RBC company to see how RBC can use its experience to serve you.

RBC products are also widely used in cement machinery:

mobile device / trailer
vibration sieve
cement mill
concrete block plant

Original equipment manufacturer


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