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RBC's full name Roller Bearing Company of American, founded in 1919, was founded in the west of Trenton, New Jersey, to produce a variety of bearings and related products.

In 1990, RBC acquired the Industrial Construction Bearing (ITB) at Domingos Ranch in California, which was founded in 1955 to produce a complete line of thin-walled ball bearings with a capacity of up to 24 inches. These ITB professionally manufactured, high precision bearings are often made of special materials and are widely used in the aerospace and defense industry markets.

Transport Dynamics (TDC) was founded in 1955 and was acquired by RBC in 1992. Located in southern California, it is the main manufacturer of RBC sliding bearings, producing sliding bearings and bushings, as well as rod ends for engine and helicopter applications. TDC was actually the inventor of the spherical bearing, first applied to the Chevrolet Corvette suspension joint developed in 1957. Later, Boeing adopted this new bearing design and quickly applied it to the entire Boeing 727 aircraft. TDC licensed the technology to all its competitors in the 1960s.

Heim? Bearing is located in Fairfield, Conn., joined RBC in 1993. It was founded by Louisheim in 1942. Heim? is a rod end bearing, especially a Unibal? spherical bearing rod end bearing. Heim? Bearings is the world's leading provider of aerospace bearing rod end bearings, including the use of corrosion resistant materials Aerocres?. Rod end bearings for ball bearings can be used on aircraft that position and connect components, as well as molded tubes for the entire body.

In 2000, RBC acquired the Schaublin SA plant in Switzerland and added Schaublin SA metric rod ends and metric spherical bearings to the RBC product line, which enhanced RBC's product line. At the same time, the factory was established as a base for the European market and established the company's European distribution center. RBC subsequently purchased the Les ULIS in France, now known as RBC France – which contributes to Schaublin SA product sales, engineering services, marketing, product distribution.

In December 2003, RBC acquired a space flight factory in Torrington, which was later called RBC Aircraft Products Company (API), which was founded in 1866. At the API factory, RBC produces needle bearings, rollers, cam bearings, and radial ball bearings for aircraft.

In order to continue to expand its aerospace business, RBC completed several additional acquisitions in 2004, 2005 and 2006, such as the acquisition of USBearings in Chatsworth, California; the acquisition of Southwest Products Inc in Baldwin Park, California; the acquisition of California Santa All Power Manufacturing of Fe Springs. Southwest Products /USBearings offers a unique range of inch bearing solutions that have been developed to include split and rod end bearings, large trunnion bearings, and special rod end bearings.

In December 2008, RBC acquired AID, based in Georgi Clayton, which produces tight tolerance and precision tubular parts. Mainly used in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, these typical applications include: levers, push rods, connecting rods, torque tubes, rods, rods and cargo bundles. In 2009, RBC acquired Lubron Bearing Systems.

Service space department

RBC serves the aerospace sector, including commercial and military, fixed and rotary wings. RBC serves the world's major aircraft suppliers (large professional transportation, regional and general aviation engines), engines, accessories, defense (land and sea vehicles, missiles and bombs, lasers, engine vehicle subsystems, landing gear, electrical suppliers, etc.) With primary and secondary flight controls, the RBC customer base is long, including Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Bombardier, NASA, Embraer, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky Boeing and Rotocrafts, Rolls Royce Aircraft Engine, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Snecma, Honeywell, ASCO, Goodrich Aerospace, Moog, Smith-Parker, Messi Erlian University, Raytheon, Primus University, LeFiell, Tyee, etc.

Products are widely used in:

Tail rotor system

Main rotor system


Engine system


Landing gear system

Other systems

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